Week 41 Podcast: Anger Management Part 1

This week, Todd dives into a subject that affects us all… Anger. How should we respond when our buttons are pushed or we when we see injustice? The book of James has the answer.

One thought on “Week 41 Podcast: Anger Management Part 1

  1. Leigh Jackson says:

    Wow I listened to this from the Greek island of Crete,because Mac Lake posted and recommended it. My husband and I are leading a ministry here,for the American service men and women at the Navel base on crete. This podcast is so blessed and we will be using it in one of our young adult ministry nights. Our ministry here is supported by Seacoast church,Charleston. We lived in Charleston 1994-1997, and I worked with pastors and leaders to help bring unity among the churches there. We also attended Seacoast and met Mac Lake there. Thanks again and may God bless your ministry there. Chuck and Leigh Jackson.

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