Week 22 Podcast: Stir the Waters (Compassion International)

This week we studied John 5:10-17 and spent a good portion of the morning talking about Compassion International and our opportunity to bring hope to a particular child in another nation.

Here is your homework for this week in preparation for this Sunday’s Gathering.

  1. Research Compassion International at compassion.com.
  2. Pray all week June 27th through July 4th about adopting a child from Compassion International. If you’re married, pray together. If you have children, include them as well.
  3. Look through your budget and make room for $38 a month to adopt a child from Compassion International. If you are married, work through the process together. If you have children, involve them in making the adjustment as well.
  4. Fast from food all day Sat., July 3rd thru the Sunday Gathering July 4th to identify with the suffering of starving children and to focus on prayer.

Your opportunity to sponsor a child will be this Sun., July 4th at the LoveOthers kiosk.

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