Ready. Set. STOP.

Finding downtime is hard. Finding a complete day of do-nothing, uninterrupted, intentional, fruitful…well that’s just plain impossible. Right?

Or is it?

God built into us a need for rest that is as real as our need for food and water. But somehow we keep pushing through as if rest is a luxury.

So how do calibrate our lives to prioritize rest the way God intended? Well, you can’t create a new habit without just giving it a try.

We want to help you take that first step. Below you’ll find a link to what we’ve aptly titled, “A Simple Guide For Rest.” Download it. Print it. Read it…a few times. Post it on your refrigerator and/or you bathroom mirror. And then commit to The Day of Rest Challenge.

The Day of Rest Challenge began on Sunday, February 13. We are suggesting that you and your family or roommates find just one (1) day between now and Sunday, March 13 to set aside for true rest within the guidelines set out in the “A Simple Guide For Rest” document.

Come by and comment on this post… Post your stories, your challenges, your prayer, your crock-pot recipes, ideas… You name it.

So are up to it? Alright. Let’s do it. Ready, set, STOP.

Download A Simple Guide for Rest

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